Monday, August 15, 2005

Contrails: Paris Doesn't Believe in Fairies.

  • My Lady Paris, fresh from a guest appearance on "Wild on Tara" aka "Taradise", has finally done the right thing. Ditched that starfucking, coattail-riding dog of hers, Tinkerbell, for a much smaller chihuahua. The new one is named Bambi. Apparently there was only room in the purse for Tink if Paris left her Sidekick at home. Fuck that!
  • WENN/IMDb drops the ball again, this time reporting like four days late on the whole Paris/Nicole release date fiasco. I'd gloat about scooping them yet again, but I already sourced them today in that Angelina thing. So I'm a dick.
  • They also say that Josh Hartnett had some sort of phony stunt relationship with Kelly Carlson, the coke-slut pornstar from "Nip/Tuck". Then amazingly, they cap off the blurb with "Hartnett is now dating Scarlett Johansson"! Are we supposed to believe anything that fucker says now?
  • This shit, four days later, is still hilarious.
  • And finally, the Superficial is hiring. Once the job comes through, I'll be ditching you all for greener pastures. I never liked any of you guys. Not a single god-damned one of you. Especially not you.


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