Monday, August 22, 2005

Contrails: Monday Morning Catch-Up

There's so much great shit out there that I simply don't have time to do them justice individually. Some of these items are admittedly not so new, but I've been entirely too busy listening to Smiths records and reading Francoise Sagan novels to play these bloggy games with you.
  • Female First claims that Paris Hilton has split from Paris Latsis. Please note that if the only site carrying this story is Female First, it's probably not true. The cited reason for the split is downright carnivalesque: apparently Latsis' parents weren't aware of their engagement. This part of the story may actually have merit, as Latsis' father has on several occasions publicly decreed his lack of knowledge on the matter - which is sort of like UN Spacy posting headlines like "Thoroughly Unaware Of An Armond White" or "Sorry, Never Seen An Issue Of Us Weekly."
  • It's well short of Angelina's Passion, but next month MTV will air The Diary of Angelina Jolie & Dr. Jeffrey Sachs in Africa, a special following Jolie and Sachs' trip to an impoverished Kenyan village. Intended to inspire and educate, it's presently uncertain whether interspersed My Chemical Romance songs will permit the U.N.'s Sachs time to speak in complete sentences.
  • If you wish to look at uncomfortably candid evidence of the continuing disintegration of Sienna Miller and Jude Law's relationship, look here. As a bonus, the doorman in these pictures finally proves that London is every bit the "Ev'nin Gov'nuh" cartoon Americans desperately believe it to be.
  • For those not sated by the above carnage, examine the pendulum-swing of K-Fed's wild-and-fancy-free organ. Possibly this is NSFW; definitely it'll make you scream like a hyena.
  • When Hilary Duff apartment-hunted in Chelsea, "The super (superintendent) didn't recognise her and wouldn't let her group into the building." Like I've always said, no one cares about this girl. And yet....


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