Thursday, August 11, 2005

Contrails: Lohan To Repeatedly Storm Out Of Her Own Video

  • Pharrell Williams tops Esquire's Best Dressed Men list, which finally sets the record straight - Snoop is a fashion accessory. (Told y'all.)
  • Lindsay Lohan has written a heartfelt song about her troubled relationship with her father Michael (currently incarcerated for assault). The song is reported to be "the story of a girl crying to her father, asking him why he did all this." According to her rep, Lohan will also direct an accompanying video which "will chronicle the last year and a half of her life." It's my suspicion that this won't be a music video as such, but "A Very Special Episode" of Wild on Tara.
  • Xtina Aguilera warns Britney Spears not to count on a post-pregnancy comeback. "She's let herself go." It seems Aguilera - clearly in the crotchless-pants position to comment on the letting go of oneself - hasn't picked up a recent issue of Baby Machine Weekly. Quite the contrary, this should rocket Brit back into a good month of the Photo Death Match winner's circle.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer's sister, Dedee, voices hope that her husband may one day hate-leak a sex tape the two made together. "I'll say, 'thank you,'" she says, which explains why Michelle is the quiet one.


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