Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Contrails: 50 Cent To Kill Entire Auto Dealership

  • Bidding for an upgrade from eccentric hillbilly to willfully-ignorant madwoman, Britney Spears tells In Touch of plans to "deliver her baby in a special pool filled with 1,000 one-liter bottles of specially blessed Kabbalah water."
  • 50 Cent gets gangsta with Philadelphia car dealer Gary Barbera Enterprises, who included Mr. Cent's name and image in print advertisements without Mr. Cent's, ahem, consent. Mr. Cent seeks over one million dollars in damages. Let's hope Mr. Cent doesn't percieve any disrespect here because, as we know," any disrespect is still a life-or-death situation." The icing on the cake is that Mr. Cent's lawsuit describes Mr. Cent as a star "known for his good looks, ‘gangsta’ image and hard knocks success story."
  • UN Spacy favorite Dominique Leone writes about Björk's Drawing Restraint 9 soundtrack, and ruminates on the very concept of the soundtrack as a form in the process. Goddamn showoff.
  • Strictly For My Nerdz: Criterion's multidisc DVD of Akira Kurosawa's Ran drops November 22nd, and will include Chris Marker's documentary A.K. Notably, the doc contains no footage backing up Jessica Alba's claims that she worked as an assistant cinematographer on Kurosawa's film.


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