Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Contrails: 50 Cent Bitch-Slaps UN Spacy

  • Diddy, newly P.-less, tells Access Hollywood he's "turned up the intensity," in near-monastic training for his hosting of MTV's Video Music Awards. "I'm running 5 miles a day to lose 7 more pounds," Diddy says. Not only that, "I'm abstaining from sex right now." It's really a shame he didn't also give up urination, what with the name change and all.
  • Page Six reportsthat hundreds of dancers featured in 50 Cent and Mobb Deep's "Outta Control" video (shot in June) still haven't received their $100 compensation checks. But the real news is Mr. Cent's brutal diss of UN Spacy in Time. It seems Mr. Cent didn't care for UN Spacy's comments on his autobiography. When asked, "Does anyone ever call you Mr. Cent?" Mr. Cent coldly responded, "Just this guy named Dan." My name ain't Dan, Mr. Cent, and you best believe I'll remember this.
  • Speaking of Time, they call Bret Easton Ellis "America's most notorious author," which is kinda like calling Hilary Duff "Us Weekly Photo Death Match's most deadly combatant."
  • Tilda Swinton is set to play Nico in an upcoming David Mackenzie-directed biopic. While this is an inspired casting choice, I saw Mackenzie's last movie, Asylum, so I'm afraid this isn't nearly as interesting to me as Factory Girl. I was pleased, however, to notice that someone on IMDb asked if this was going to be a remake of a Steven Seagal movie.


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