Monday, August 01, 2005

Casablancas Says Campbell Still Unbearable

Probably many of you have already read the write-up that the fine folks at The Superficial did on this story. All the same, UN Spacy just can't resist another chance to quote John Casablancas' misguided call to arms against the pretty people that keep him in business. The New York Post reports:
ELITE Model's founding father, John Casablancas, is furious with Naomi Campbell after the moody mannequin told PAGE SIX he sent her a note apologizing for calling her "unbearable" in an interview in Complex magazine. Casablancas e-mailed the London-born beauty, saying, "I'm happy to see that my note to you allowed you to save face with the press. Too bad that it was also used to make me look like [bleep]. For the record, I don't grovel (and you of all people should know that!) and I feel quite comfortable with my contradictory feelings about you: A+ as a person; D- for behavior with your bookers." The motor-mouthed modeling mogul signed off, "I know you know what I mean. Love, John." Meanwhile, a rep for Casablancas declared that he would not apologize to Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen for calling her "an empty shell, one big void" in the same article.
To Campbell's defense, it seems like these days it'd take some kind of a diabolical genius to make Casablancas look any more like "[bleep]." And at that point we'd probably wanna think about switching on the Bat Signal. At least one thing is certain: I desperately need to get my mitts on this Complex interview!


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