Saturday, July 23, 2005

Wong Kar Wai: Don't Mess Around With A Guy In Shades

Internet fan sources report that Wong Kar Wai, the sunglasses-clad director of UN Spacy favorite 2046, is making the scene in New York City. Apparantly his visit relates to his upcoming Lady From Shanghai, a source of curiosity, conjecture, and a touch of consternation amongst cinefiles, much of it stemming from the heavily-rumored casting of Nicole Kidman and the reputed disassociation with Orson Welles' film of same name. poster Grimfarrow recounts:
I was stumbling around NYC last week when I bumped into, well, Wong Kar-Wai. He was having tea and talking with David Denby.

A few days later, I was once again with Wong, chatting with him about the HK Film Fest and idly conversing with his crew. Wong is on a location scouting expedition and has been meeting up with Nicole Kidman too.

Strangely, Maggie Cheung is also in town, as is Chris Doyle. No, Chris and him didn't meet, but I'm sure he met with Maggie (Jet Tone reps Maggie, btw.)

Let's just say that if you're in NYC, be on the lookout for a tallish Asian man in glasses - he may be Wong Kar-Wai (NOT necessarily in his shades - he takes them off to go incognito on the subway - haha).
Corroborating that story, z2046 of the bulletin board says:
i was walking home... in chinatown (NYC) and there he was, w/o his signature shades walking with a friend... i was too shock to go up and talk to him. wouldn't know what to say anyway...
not only a bad hair cut... he can't dress at all. if you didn't know who he was, you'd think he just came from china or something....
It's a little early in the morning for this kind of distasteful news. Wong may be a universally acclaimed auteur of unique vision, but that hardly gives him license to strut around the Land of the Free looking like a goddamn mainlander. Deplorable. I may not be able to hold down my breakfast.... Discussion on the board follows on sightings of WKW both in and out of shades, doubts that Lady will emerge before the end of the decade, claims that WKW prefers the Yankees over the Mets, questions on the merit of rumors that cinematographer Darius Khondji is attached, and speculation on where one can most advantageously "stalk" WKW, Kidman, or Cheung. Emoticons and "lol"s ensue.


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