Friday, July 22, 2005

USA Today Readers Clearly Ridiculous

On June 30th, USA Today's Whitney Matheson asked readers to take part in a poll to crown the greatest American rock band of all time. On July 6th, Matheson announced Pearl Jam as the winner. The band's supporters cite the band's high record sales and the fact that "the music rocks" as qualifications. In positions 2 through 5 were, respectively, Aerosmith, Van Halen, The Eagles, and, uh, Journey. Understand me, there's nothing wrong with these bands (except Journey, that one actually is literally awful - their fans really should be identified, tagged, and ostracized). But there is something nearly genocidal about the notion that any of them could reasonably be submitted as one of the twenty best American rock bands ever, much less the top five. Seems safe to say that few born outside the 1967 to 1975 date range took part in this poll. Or for that matter anyone who's ever entered a record store (Costco does not count).


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