Friday, July 29, 2005

Simpson Family Living Proof That Dreams Come True

Just saw Joe Simpson on Entertainment Tonight, lurking outside the screening of one daughter's film, while he clutches another daughter close to his side. What pearls of Pop-Southern Baptist pastor wisdom does Joe bestow upon us tonight? "We are living proof that dreams come true." I feel it's not being presumptuous for UN Spacy to say that we speak for the entire human race when we extend to Joe our most sincere "fuck you"s. And although it's far from news, there's no such thing as a bad time to revisit Superdad Joe's 2004 GQ interview: "Jessica never tries to be sexy, she just is sexy. You put her in a T-shirt or you put her in a bustier, she's sexy in both. She's got double D's! You can't cover those suckers up." No you can't, Joe. Sounds like a father's dream come true.


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