Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lohan Twofer Tuesday!

I said it wasn't over.... The Twin Cities' Star Tribune brings us the goods this time:

While in the Twin Cities shooting "A Prairie Home Companion" movie in St. Paul, Lohan dropped by downtown Minneapolis' Planet Beach to touch up her tan. During the wait Lohan displayed exasperation with the July issue of GQ with Jessica Simpson on the cover.

"She was flipping through it [really annoyed] and [said] under her breath, Oh, she's so ugly," according Planet Beach manager Mary Edam.

There's also a more or less amusing anecdote about LiLo's panicked encounter with cutting-edge spray tan technology.

They say that when you point a finger at somebody else, you point four back at yourself. Usually they're wrong, because the thumb generally goes up in the air (I've hear Bible Belt variations that take account of this). But in this case they're quite correct, as I rock a mean hitchhiker's thumb. Much as we here at UN Spacy would love to dance the Starlets-Slighting-Starlets dance, we're reminded of that old adage about mooring your ship to the testimonies of tanning bed employees. You know the one. Anyway, my point is that it doesn't take Jack McCoy (preferrably with Jamie Ross second-chairing) to establish that, even assuming Edam's story is credible, Lohan could've been looking at just about anything in the GQ. I mention this only because Hilary Duff tried to shake me down for a dollar while I was out getting lunch, and I sorta promised I'd present the possibility that Lohan might've been shit-talking her instead.


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