Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Jessica Simpson is Such a Sweetie

Over at theSuperficial, there's a really heartwarming comment from Joe Simpson's #1 Son Jessica. Apparently she is so not fucking Johnny Knoxville, and she and Nick are so in love, that she's decided to have kids.

"That's what I wanted for my birthday but I couldn't legally get a baby across the Mexican border," she said. She also hinted that she might adopt, saying, "I'll end up doing something which will touch somebody in some way that's good... through orphanages."

What is it with these women and orphans? Is it that they can't physically have children, you know, because of all the coke and skinny pills and Red Bull? Do they maybe eat the orphans? To stay young or something? Grind them into powder to cut the blow?


Blogger Jessica Nick Simpson said...

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