Friday, July 22, 2005

I See Paris, I See France...

From the Daily Record:
Paris Hilton was turned away from a car valet because her car was too messy. The hotel heiress pulled her Land Rover into a drive-in car clean service in Beverly Hills, only to be embarrassingly knocked back. A worker said: 'Her car was jam-packed full of junk - personal stuff.

'There must have been 100 magazines but, more shocking than that, make-up, cellphones, handbags and clothes, including a lot of underwear.

'We had to turn her away because it's company policy not to touch that kind of stuff.'

So my girl's a slob and runs a flea market out of her Land Rover. Ain't no thing. And the panties? Hey, her car, her rules. You're more than welcome to thumb it to the Spider.


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