Monday, July 25, 2005

Duff So Totally Over Lohan Feud

Ah, how Hilary pines for the hours of girltalk with Lindsay Lohan.... IMDb carries the following story, featuring a couple quotes that have been circulating for about a week:
Teen pop sensation Hilary Duff fears she'll never understand why she and former "phone pal" Lindsay Lohan became enemies over their romances with Aaron Carter. The pair's ongoing fights have made media headlines in the past year, but Duff is now keen to move on - even though her one-time pal stole her boyfriend. She says, "The thing I don't understand is that for a while we used to talk on the phone way back when I was shooting Lizzie McGuire and she was shooting a Disney Channel movie. We were phone pals. Then, all of a sudden, all this bad stuff happened. I was just like, 'Why would anyone ever do this to me?' I didn't really understand it. It's hard being so young and having people lie about you, with millions of people reading or watching. It was all about a boyfriend that I had, and it was weird because he caused all this trouble that I didn't really care about and that she couldn't have cared about. You're kids, what does it matter?" Duff has also moved on from Carter and is now dating Good Charlotte star Joel Madden. She adds, "Even though we dated when I was only 14, we did fall in love, and it was serious for us. He did cheat on me, but whatever. We were 14. Who cares?"
“What does it matter?” “Whatever.” “Who cares?” I’m certainly convinced.

Once I got past the confounding fact that not one but two actresses on the Disney payroll let this skeazy-looking runt touch them, I began to detect the faint stench of headline-forcing. How many times can Duff, who no one cares about, bring up the fact that her ex-boyfriend was stepping out on her with LiLo? We get it! We know! It’s the only reason we remember who you are, Hil!

It’s really only a matter of time before the Duffster’s seen hustling commuters for change on the pretense of calling Carter “to talk about his cheating on me with LINDSAY LOHAN. You’ve heard of her, right? You know who I am, don’t you? [Panting.] We used to be friends. We talked! On the phone! LindsaygoddamnedLohan! And me! I just need like 23 cents more....”


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