Thursday, July 21, 2005

Duff, Madden Officially Dating

Since everyone already knew and almost no one cared, Hilary Duff and Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden figured it was time they stop being polite, and start getting real - about their relationship anyway. No, I'm being cynical - it slipped out accidentally when Madden heedlessly called Duff "Baby." In front of cameras. MTV cameras.

Duff says she's grown as a person and an artist with help from the Madden twins, who she's collaborating with musically as well. "I learned so much more about music," she gushed. Well, I highly doubt that, but this is all harmless, pleasant, and fine by me. "Joel has totally changed my taste in music, friendships and loyalty. He's changed me and my friendships." Wow. Holmes-ing it up a bit don't you think? I scoured the rest of the article, and there's nothing more of interest (or coherence) to discuss, except maybe that her teeth do seem newly humongous.


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