Wednesday, July 20, 2005

'Alexander' Less Laughable, More Like Painting.

August 2nd should see the DVD release of Oliver Stone's overwhelmingly ridiculed Alexander, with a substantial re-edit. Discussing the matter with the Los Angeles Times, Stone concedes, "I'm not running away from the original, which I loved, but the derision was really devastating." Stone adds, "Fortunately, films are now like paintings, permitting for several drafts."

UN Spacy protocol requires that I restrain myself from hovering over the incontrevertible fact that Stone is hardly a modern day Velazquez. And in fairness, this Alexander business can't help but remind one of de Kooning's original version of the now canonized Woman I, which looked very much like a Lisa Frank image rendered in nervous impasto. Eighteen months later, pushed by poor critical reception, a reluctant de Kooning reworked the composition into the canvas that now hangs in the Museum of Modern Art.


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